Blessed Herbal Candle - Needed Change/Banishing

Blessed Herbal Candle - Needed Change/Banishing

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A creamy candle with a heavy sandalwood blend. 1.5 x 7 pillar with a 40 hour burn time.

Bring about the instant change needed to get out of that rut you may be stuck in. Change what you need by releasing negative energies and patterns. Reverse the inertia in your life that may keep you from progressing. This blend is also known as the Banishing candle.


I call on forces higher than I
to release the blockages I have held inside...
May this change come in the most positive way,
filling me with love on this wondrous day...
This I make happen and so it will be,
changing energies so that all may be free...
Harming none is what I see. This I make true.