About Us

Locally owned and operated flower child's dream business in Salt Lake City, Utah.

At Dancing Cranes Imports, we're more than just a store - we're a gateway to cultures from around the world. Nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, our imports store is the perfect place for those seeking unique, fair-trade and handcrafted products that celebrate diversity and the beauty of human craftsmanship.

Step inside our store, and you'll be transported to a realm of enchantment with treasures sourced directly from artisans, craftsmen, and women across continents. From exquisite textiles and intricately carved wooden sculptures to mesmerizing jewelry and soulful musical instruments, each item tells a story of heritage, tradition, and skillful artistry.

What sets Dancing Cranes Imports apart is our commitment to fostering sustainable relationships with our artisans. We prioritize fair trade practices, ensuring that the creators behind our products receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. By supporting us, you directly contribute to the betterment of communities worldwide.

Beyond being a shopping destination, Dancing Cranes Imports is a space where cultures converge and creativity thrives. We host workshops, sound baths, kundalini yoga classes, intuitive readers and art exhibits that celebrate the diversity and richness of our global heritage. It's a meeting place where individuals from all walks of life can connect, appreciate, and learn from one another.

Whether you're searching for a meaningful gift, a statement piece for your home, or simply a dose of inspiration, Dancing Cranes Imports is here to serve as your gateway to a world of beauty and cultural exchange.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and experience the magic of Dancing Cranes Imports in Salt Lake City. Let us inspire you to celebrate the world's artistic traditions while making a positive impact on lives near and far.


Store Hours

Monday-Saturday: 10am-7pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm

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Dancing Cranes Imports: (801) 486-1129


We are located at 673 E. Simpson Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 84106